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1st Birthday Party Ideas For Boy And Girl

Thursday, October 5th, 2017 - PARTY IDEAS

1st Birthday Party Ideas For Boy And Girl

1st Birthday Party Ideas For Boy And Girl

1st birthday party ideas for the baby boy and girl is one of the best ways to start the first year. Logically, the baby may not understand anything about what is going on around him. But it does not matter because even if the baby does not know what happened, but it will be a lovely keepsake when the baby grew up. It will be a memorable moment because someday when the baby is grown up he or she, will see his first birthday photo and smiled seeing how happy they were to come to the first birthday. In fact, probably when the baby is grown up he or she will be confused to see anyone who is in the photo because everything has changed.
This wonderful memory of is very exciting because every 1st birthday party will be very memorable. Like, do you have a photo of your first birthday? Would it be nice if you have the photos of your first birthday party and this will be the best memories for the achievement of your life? Look how happy they are in your first birthday party. Each photo will be talking about the happiness that occurred at that time. Therefore, if you are looking for a 1st birthday party ideas that are suitable for baby boy and girl, then you have to immediately plan the whole ideas that exist so the first birthday party of baby boy and girl will be remembered of all time.

1st Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Birthday theme is the most important part that you need to think about. It would be very interesting if the first birthday party for boy and girl has a cute theme. This is one of the 1st birthday party ideas that will make the birthday party becomes memorable. The theme should be adapted to the gender of a baby, for baby boys you could create a quiet theme in blue or white color as the main decoration of the room. As for the baby girl, pink and red are considered suitable for making soft shades. You even do not need excessive decoration because the festive decoration is not suitable for the baby’s birthday party. As a parent, you also can use the clothes that have the same color that used by the baby for the birthday party.

The first birthday party will surely be impressed on the minds of anyone who comes. As the host, you must provide the best documentation so that every moment occurred at the first birthday party of boys and girls is caught in the pictures. Every existing photography would be the most beautiful gift because photography is what will be part of history in your life. To get 1st birthday party ideas, you can hire a professional photographer and also provides a photo booth so you have a place to take pictures. Professionals photographer will assist you in documenting every event in a picture and a photo booth will be the best place to pose. What a wonderful 1st birthday party ideas!

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