Birthday Party Games Ideas For 7 Until 9 Years Kids

Birthday Party Games Ideas For 7 Until 9 Years Kids

Birthday party games for kids will make the party has a more festive atmosphere. During this time many children who would rather play a game than just getting blend together and do nothing. The instinct of the kid is still very strong so that whenever and wherever they are, the kids are always trying to steal a chance to play. It is a natural thing because kids love the game that will make them feel happy. And you could say that the children will always try to play with his friends. Especially when all his friends gathered in a birthday party, the kids would be very happy if you have set up some fun games for them.
Birthday party also will be a happy moment because every kid will meet with some friends. You can use this opportunity to make them happy because by providing the kid’s birthday party games they will not be bored. As the host, you definitely do not want to see your child slumped and brooding because he did not have a fun birthday party. Therefore, make sure that you have prepared some games and also a reward to anyone who can win the game. Then, what game is suitable for children age 7 up to 9 years old? Some people think that they have difficulties in determining the type of game that is performed at a birthday party. And, in fact, there are some game ideas for kid’s birthday party age 7 to 9 years.

• Kick The Balloons

This is a very fun birthday party games because the kids will love this game. To make this game, you only need a few balloons and a rope to tie. First, you have to blow up the balloons and tie it at the foot of the contestants. Divide kids into several groups and they have 5 minutes to kick their friends balloons to explode. Anyone who is able to last up to 5 minutes, wins!

• Guess and Get

Giving gifts to the guest can be fun. You can enter some sweets, chocolates, vouchers and even some toys in a box. Make sure you have calculated the total number of objects in the box before the guests arrive. Then, when the game starts the kids have to guess the number of the contents of the box and anyone who is able to guess or give the nearest whole number will get the entire contents of the box.

• Limbo

Limbo is a classic game that you can play anytime. Prepare a rope or a stick and let the highest person holding the rope or stick. Then, turn the music and let all the participants tried to pass to the limit of limbo without touching til the hardest stage. The rule is simple, who last the longest will get the prize.

• Wrap The Mummy

This game will show who can wrap up doll resembles a mummy. You only need to prepare some dolls and toilet paper. Then, split the kids into groups and each group have their own doll and toilet paper. Give the time limit and the game is ready to begin. The team that can wrap up like a mummy doll will get a prize of this birthday party games.

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