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Birthday Party Ideas for 1 Year Old Kid

Thursday, September 15th, 2016 - PARTY IDEAS

Birthday Party Ideas for 1 Year Old Kid

Your baby is turn 1! And it’s time to celebrate it! Your baby’s first birthday is usually exciting because it’s also marks the time when you finally reach your year one as parents. Because you’re a newbie for your baby’s birthday and we’re sure you will feel confused and also stress preparing your baby’s first birthday party, we give you six stress-free tips and birthday party ideas for 1 year old.

7 stress-free tips and birthday party ideas for 1 year old.

1. Always watch your clock.

The best time to having the birthday party is to last an hour until an hour-and-a-half. Because babies run out of energy and interest quickly and have short attention spans. You can plan the birthday party for late morning or late afternoon. Or plan before or after your baby nap’s time. Or anytime whenever your baby isn’t tired.

2. Choose the guest carefully

Choose back the guest list to avoid overwhelming your baby andto keep costs down. Make sure your baby’s first party is VIP only.

3. Asking for help.

It’s important to hiring a babysitter or asking a family member to help you preparing the party and doing hosting duties while enjoying your baby’s big day.

4. Babies really love balloons.

Don’t forget to buy many balloons so your baby can play with it. Make sure to buy with good materials for your baby’s safety.

5. Create a place for play

Many of the babies in this age range need a careful watching, because they’re still fragile. Make sure to put many pillows and avoid things which can hurt the babies.

6. Keep simple

Keep snacks simple such as chopped fruit and crackers for the kids, and delicious food for the adults.

7. Don’t stress

Because it’s doesn’t matter to baby whether you throw the party in somewhere fancy or just celebrate at home with your beloved family. As long as the baby is with you and feels love all around, they will be happy.

That’s all tip for you and now let’s move on to birthday party ideas for 1 year old.

  1. Toys, toys, and toys! Prepare toys such as planes, trains or doll for party to spark the baby’s imagination with a celebration
  1. A cute birthday party invitations. By creating a cute birthday party invitations it will make the birthday party brighter with colorful and cute invitations card.
  1. PartyHats. Party hats is necessary! You can print your baby’s photos and stick them to the party hats. You can add with handmade pompoms for combinations.
  1. Birthday cakes or cupcakes. One of the most important birthday party ideas for 1 year old is cakes!Boost their appetites with cakes or cupcakes. You can check the recipe and decoration for the cakes easily by browsing the web. There are lots of easy, do-it-yourself cupcake recipes for delicious desserts that everyone will love.

Yup that’s all the tips and birthday party ideas for 1 year old. Good luck on preparing the party!

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