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Birthday Party Ideas Cheap – Affordable, yet admirable

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 - PARTY IDEAS

Birthday Party Ideas Cheap – Affordable, yet admirable

How was your birthday party when you were child? My birthday party was pretty simple. It consisted of a couple of friends, parents, presents and a birthday cake. Years ago in my childhood, birthday party is all about the simplest things such as those; however, this day everything has changed; the norm has changed. A birthday party is one to remember for the rest of your life. Simple decoration will not leave sweet memories behind, thus, decorating your children’s birthday party becomes extremely important. To decorate a party with massive decoration needs a great amount of money as well. If you haven’t prepared the budget, but still want to throw your child an unforgettable birthday party. Here are some birthday party ideas cheap for you.

  • Turn to the simplest idea possible

The simplest idea is sometimes the best answer. If your child is below 5 years old, what matters to them in a birthday celebration is family, friends and presents. Is it possible to spend below $100? It is very possible! Simple birthday cake and candies can be bought for $15 or at most $30. The remaining can be used for buying simple decoration such as bouquets or boys’ decoration of cartoon that he likes the most. Invite their friends, and then prepare some fun games to make them happy and full of joy. Thus, how much the decoration costs won’t matter anymore. This certainly can be your birthday party ideas cheap.

  • Getting creative

Another birthday party ideas cheap is getting creative. Being creative brings many advantages; life gets easier, spend less money but produce unique stuff that looks nowhere “cheap”. In order to throw a successful birthday party with an affordable price, you need to dig deeper to find creative ideas where the party is still going to be great, but you don’t have to spend excessive money to make your child happy as if life is nothing but an endless time of joy. It is just a suggestion, but you can create party decoration using unused boxes from the storage.

  • Using spaces at your house as venue

As parents, giving your child the best birthday party is one thing to accomplish, but when you are in a tight budget, it becomes a burden to your financial planning. Renting a venue or a studio for the party to be held can cost you a great deal amount of cash; therefore, using available space in your own house can be a nice solution. For example, if you have a backyard or a garden, then it is certainly a good idea to throw a birthday party there. Other than being birthday party ideas cheap, this can also save you from spending excessive money.

 Lastly, birthday party is a yearly occasion where your children feel happy as they see every one they love is present and bringing presents to celebrate the day they were born. Forcing your tight budget is also not a good plan. By throwing birthday party ideas cheap, you can make them happy, and also make your wallet breathes.

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