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Birthday Party Ideas at a Park Ideas and Theme

Friday, September 23rd, 2016 - PARTY PLACES

Birthday Party Ideas at a Park Ideas and Theme

If you have a backyard or live near the local park you can take advantages of them. You can choose park as the place to throwing a birthday party. Why not? Because nature will makes the great outdoors ideal for birthday parties. At a park, you can also plays water games or do messy projects, and sporting events. And best of all is you don’t have to worry about the price because it will be cheaper than throwing a birthday party indoor. Check out 6 birthday party ideas at park which you can throw right in the yard. And you wouldn’t ever worrying about how you’ll fit all those guests in your home.

6 Themes for Birthday Party Ideas at Park

  1. A floral birthday party. One of the best birthday party ideas at parkis floral party! The party will be filled with lots of flowers! Roses, lilies, tulips will celebrate your birthday the park. The party is full of beautiful flowerssuch as tablecloth, invitation card, decorations, and the dress code will be floral as well. For girls, make sure you wear flower crown and for boys, please bring your flowers in your suit.
  2. A Halloween birthday party. Yes, you will have Halloween party twice if you decided to use this theme for your birthday party. Why not? It’s fun to wear ghost custom for the dress code. This party included, spooky decorations, pumpkins everywhere, birthday cakes that will filled with fingers and tooth, and you will be drink bloods! Tricks or treats even will be fun!
  3. Alice in Wonderland birthday party. You will fall down the rabbit hole Alice in Wonderland birthday party happily! We’re sure that you will have a great birthday party when you turn your afternoon tea party into this With Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. This magical backyard birthday party in Wonderland will be an unforgettable moment.
  4. A Wet and Wild Wipeout Party. No, it’s not that matte lipstick that we’re talking about. This party is filled with water obstacles. You’re lucky if your birthday is around summer because bikini will be your dress code! With water gun, slippery slides, bouncing balls, cute tubes, plastic pool and you will get wet and wild.
  5. A Peter Pan birthday party. Another classic fairy tale for birthday party ideas at park, you can transform your home and park into Neverland. Prepare your best Peter Pan costumes, tattoos, eye patches, pixie dust, and you can enjoy the party with your Peter or your Wendy!
  6. Olympic birthday party. The Olympics is not over because you throwing an Olympic party at your backyard. You can play many traditional backyard games such as potato sack races, water balloon races. And your birthday cake should be a gold medal. You can give the winner of the traditional games by holding an award ceremony where the winners receives a medal.

That’s all 6 birthday party ideas at park which you can choose for your birthday party. Perhaps with these ideas you will have a fun happy birthday ever.

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