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Complete Guide to Horse-Themed Birthday Party

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Complete Guide to Horse-Themed Birthday Party

Guide to Horse-Themed Birthday Party

Guide to Horse-Themed Birthday PartyYour horse crazy 11-year-vintage daughter desires a horse-themed birthday social gathering. Chances are, all of the tots she desires to invite are only as horse-obsessed. How lucky for you because there’s no longer whatsoever simpler than inserting collectively a definitely a chortle gallopin’ social gathering. Let the Old Gray Mare at offer you large amounts of whinnies I imply principles. Party retail outlets (like I-Party) and online retail outlets (like PonyPartyIdeas) stock not at all-ending horsy social gathering goods, favors, pinatas, balloons, and principles. If you opt to apply prepared-to-go supplies, you then simply arrange a detailed To Do List offering a catalog of social gathering goods, invitations and the like. However, if you are adventuresome, resourceful and a workhorse, and if your baby is chompin’ at the bit to help with this mission, here is some fodder for your mane tournament.

Planning way:

Have a chortle with your baby in a brainstorming session. You’ll to always opt on the variety of association, boost a schedule and set your budget. Based on the sort of horse social gathering you are making plans, ask yourself few questions – Will you be enjoying games – Will you be visiting a horse farm – Will you rent a pony or several ponies to give rides at your social gathering – Will you rent a horse video Are you headed to a horse display screen – If your baby rides or boards at a stable, can you’ve got you have got the social gathering there – Can association ride at the stable too – Will the stable perform the social gathering – – Can you rent trail horses in your regional?

It is a brilliant idea to reinforce the theme of your birthday bash from the beginning.

If your baby is worried about riding instructions or showing, why no longer take a analyze Saddle Club, Pony Club or 4-H themes. Here are large amounts of numerous feasible choices:

Blue Ribbon Party

Cowgirl Party

Racing or Kentucky Derby Party

Barrel Racing Party

I Love Show Horses Party

Wild Mustangs Party

Picture Me on the Pony Party

Lets Do Something Horsy Party

You Are Horse Crazy Party

Once you and your baby have agreed on the date of the social gathering, give yourself tons of time because horse partying is no longer just addictive, it is paintings extensive. Oh well, the social gathering making plans was a chortle segment. Now for the paintings . . .


Invitations will also be as varied as your creativity and a chortle quotient will let. Naturally, if you will have a gigantic regional of tots, you then may be extra inclined to maintain the invitations average. Here are some principles:

Rubber stamp and/or use stickers to construct invitations.

Find copyright-free clipart on the Internet. Cut and paste the clipart on your invitations.

Use magnetic sheets to create refrigerator magnet invitations.

Cut out the shape of a horse silhouette (enlarged clipart) and use the diminish out because of the invitation.

Cut a sponge into a horseshoe. Use it to stamp & format the invitations.

Before the social gathering, clothe your baby in a riding addiction or cowgirl outfit. In a takeoff of the renowned Uncle Sam poster, have her face the electronic camera and level. Print the words: “I WANT YOU AT MY HORSE PARTY!”

Have your baby draw a horse image. Make copies or scan into the computer to expand or diminish as had to make invitations.

The wording for your purpose may analyze:

For a cowgirl theme: “You’re invited to my Buckaroo Round-Up! The herd will have the capacity to horse around at our mane tournament and we can’t wait to gallop with you. Don’t be overdue trigger we having cake!”

For a pony ride social gathering: “Put on your breeches and put on your boots. We’re ridin’ high at my social gathering. All the horses will be there.”

For a mustang/western social gathering: “We’re having a wild horse roundup. Gallop on over to our Corral and join the herd.”

For a western social gathering: “We’re getting collectively in the OK Corral at high noon for a Horse Birthday Party. It wouldn’t be a chortle without ya. We’ll be expectin’ ya so y’all higher no longer miss it!”

You can then add all of the social gathering primary motives adding date, time, location and numerous applicable documents. Be certain to say in your invitation even if you are visiting a barn or stable, if you are occurring a trail ride, and so forth. When you’re joyful with your masterpiece invitations, you would hand deliver or mail them to the lucky association.


There’s no simpler theme for a celebration than horses! The web worldwide supplies not at all-ending copyright-free materials to be able to apply free from payment.

1. Birthday Corral Welcome Sign – Your baby can paint a gigantic sign, i.e. “We’re Having the Best Horse Party Ever, Barn None!”. Surround the border with stamped horse sneakers, your baby’s art, or cardboard horseshoes. Bright and colorful is first cost! Hang it external to welcome association as they arrive.

2. You can diminish out many cardboard horse sneakers. It’s an honestly average shape and you possibly can have dozens in an honestly short quantity of time. Spread them on the walkway or in the house for end result. You can use them to guideline tots to grain, water trough, chuck wagon, working toward the arena, wash rack, display screen arena, fillies, colts or buckaroo rooms. You take it from here.

three. If you are lucky and you’ve got you have got a trophy or, higher yet, tons of them, use them as serving containers (position a bag or container indoors first) and position them at strategic locations for an ambitious adorning remark.

4. You can furthermore use rosettes and ribbons. These make first cost decorations for a horse social gathering.

5. Place a small cup or glass indoors a pair of riding boots or cowboy boots. Fill with sand or marbles. Glue diminish out horse shapes and balloons on dowels and arrange. Presto! A successful centerpiece.

6. Purchase a pair of boots, derby or cowboy hat to be able to apply after the social gathering. Use a bag or container as liner and fill with snacks for munching.

7. Using common construction paper, diminish out sq. frames. Cover magazine horse pics with those frames and lift as art.

8. Balloons, balloons and extra balloons are a chortle. With a Sharpie or kid paints, you possibly can conveniently paint horse silhouettes on them for an honestly average decoration.

nine. Get resourceful with stickers, stencils and Breyers horse collectible figurines

10. Use clear articles of riding garments, riding hats, and helmets or horse t-shirts and drape or pin them around like art.

11. Another use for the average horseshoe shape will also be to string or tape them collectively to make a long chain. String your horseshoe chain around the room. Here and there, lift a cutout horse shape or small plastic horse or ribbons. Work intensely but very robust!

12. Accordion-fold freezer, foil0, wrapping or butcher paper. Trace cowboy boots or hat shapes to compare from one edge to the numerous edge – You are making a long chain so be careful to depart a small bridge to kinda sequence.

thirteen.This is an inconceivable balloon weight idea. If you’ve got you have got get entry to authentic horseshoes, spray paint them gold, silver or a scorching color. Add tons of glitz to snazzy them up.

14. Make a rustic “picnic table” by inserting 4 bales of hay tightly collectively. Cover with a clear horse blanket, sheet or cooler.

15. Hang a long piece of butcher paper on the wall. Have your baby draw or paint a horse mural. Or, use this idea as a hobby for the association. Provide the tots with paint and brushes, chalk, crayons and stencils, and purpose them produce a one-of-a-kind horse scene.

16. Cut crepe paper streamers into two lengths: long to simulate a horse’s tail and particularly shorter for the mane. Tape the short lengths collectively to create the mane and tape the long lengths collectively for the tail. Tightly refuge with a string or ribbon. Tie the mane into the birthday woman’s ponytail and the tail accurately lower. She can then proudly prance around proper by way of the social gathering.

17. Cover the social gathering table with your theme. You will also be very resourceful by cutting out horse pics and gluing them along the border of a table cover of material or paper. Your baby may be chuffed to supply the art. You ought to always purchase horse borders, decals or supplies with horse theme designs.

18. Purchase a horse piata and horse balloons for easy, speedy decoration.

At this stage of your social gathering making plans exhilaration, you are prepared for a chortle and games.


If your accumulating is having horse or pony rides, what a chortle! Make bound you’ve got you have got tons of grownup assist and lay the floor regulation you know the ones approximately safety and listening up. You need the tots that don’t appear to be acquainted with horses to be informed how to mind-set them and how to conduct themselves around them. Take several electronic pics of every baby, print the easiest one, position it into a low-payment body and give it as a celebration desire souvenir.

As a door prize, have everyone bet what share candies, goodies or coins are in a jar. The individual whose bet is closest to the true count takes the jar family.

Purchase cowboy hats and handkerchiefs. They’ll put on the cowboy hat for the social gathering and, as a hobby, they would possibly accessorize the handkerchief with supplies pens and rubber stamps that you provide. Both hat and decorated handkerchief turn out to be their favors.

Hide horsy supplies consisting of small plastic horses, filled toy horses, decal sheets, Bella Sera card packs, and numerous supplies consisting of notepads, coloring books, low-payment horse jewelry, and so forth. around the yard and purpose a treasure hunt.

Pin the tail on the horse. A birthday social gathering is no longer whole without the herbal pin the tail hobby. Use a horse poster or expand an individual computer image into the such a lot fashionable size. Make a couple of copies of the horse’s tail and diminish them out. Each baby pins the tail on the horse somewhere – because she is blindfolded proper by way of her turn. The winner who gets it proper or is closest gets the prize.

Toss horse sneakers. This is a chortle external hobby and, ideally, you would use authentic horse sneakers. Drive two sturdy stakes into the floor and purpose the association toss two horseshoes each. The winner is made up our minds by the closest sneakers. Have tots cheer one another on.

For each of the avid players, suspend one small apple on a string from a tree. Without the use of hands, each individual has to bite and devour the apple like horses.

Instead of an egg race, have a sugar cube relay race. Draw names to lay association into two communities. Each team has a “race track” consisting of a pair of chairs put away from one another in a straight line. Place a bowl on each chair at the starting line, the bowl is empty and on the far-off chair, the bowl is jam-filled with sugar cubes. The race is on! The first racer speeds to the bowl of sugar cubes scoop up only 1 and races back to the starting line, drops the sugar cube into the yet empty bowl, passes off the spoon to the subsequent racer and steps aside. The communities move by way of their racers one at a time until the far bowl is empty of all sugar cubes. The team that fills their bowl the fastest, becomes the winning team.

The galloping horse relay is comparable to the sugar cube race. Again the tots are split into communities and lined up. Carrying a riding crop, the avid players canter from the starting line to the opposite conclusion (a chair or a stake), go around it, and canter back. The crop passes from kid to kid until each has had a turn. The team with the primary end is the winner.

Have the tots make their own favors by personalizing t-shirts, bracelets or bandanas. You’ll provide all of the predominant constituents, documents, and supervision. The tots will bring it on with their non-public resourceful talents. Best of all, they would possibly take their creation family.

Pose everyone around a horse, a stack of hay, a bonfire or your decorated table. Take your time with the shot to get an inconceivable image. They’ll say “howdy,” you would get the shot. When your baby sends the thank you notes, she’ll embody the regional snapshot as another memento.

Well by now you’re fitting a horse social gathering knowledgeable. We haven’t discussed vitamins and minerals or cakes. After all of the detail stuff we just discussed, horse vitamins and minerals supplies are clever. Just go for chocolate, candy, grain I imply granola bars – munchies, apples.

The cake will be the final word wow of the social gathering! Bake a common sheet cake and cool. Select a horse head image from the computer to be able to expand. Place it on the sheet cake as a template and diminish it. Frost the shape generously in your baby’s favorite horse color, paying shut cognizance to location of eyes, nostril, mouth, and ears. You may maybe use Necco wafers for eyes and nostril, but I believe tinted icing and your whimsy and skills would be lots higher. Don’t omit that the horse in your daughter’s dreams has a lush, flowing mane. You can add a blaze or a celebrity. Black licorice simulates bridle and reins but you possibly can furthermore use chained chocolate chips or pieces of chocolate. The tots will believe your cake is the horse’s whinny!

Another average cake idea that has a gigantic influence on the tots, specifically for the cowgirl theme, is a Cowgirl Boot Cake. Trace out the shape of a gigantic boot, frost it and go crazy with the decorations. After all, the boot ought to always have tons of glitz.

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