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Creative Pumpkin Design Ideas For Beginners

Saturday, July 11th, 2015 - PARTY THEMES

Creative Pumpkin Design Ideas For Beginners

Creative Pumpkin Design Ideas For Beginners

Cool pumpkin design ideas can be stressful to think about. Especially when a Halloween party soon to be coming and you still have no clue about the carving ideas for the pumpkins decorations. It is required a high skill to create a stunning pumpkins’ design that will make everyone that look at it mesmerized. But when you have nothing but intention to make the carving pumpkins, sometimes it is hard to make it real. But you should not give up at this level because there are some tips and tricks that you can do to make a perfect carving pumpkins. And also, as a beginner then you will be guided on the right path so you can carve the pumpkins even though you do not have enough skill to make beautiful and cool pumpkins design. I will guide you in making cool pumpkin design ideas for beginners below.

Wink Pumpkin

As the beginner, you can make this simple carve. The winking face is not that hard to do because all you need just make face smile with wink on the pumpkin. It is a sign that is also considered friendly because it is popular emoticon that used on the conversations text message.

Cat’s Whiskers

This is the next level of carve the pumpkin with different pattern. You can make a car’s whiskers that seem hard to be done, but apparently it is not as hard as it seems. First, you can print out a picture of cat’s whiskers and make it as a guide. And then you need to follow the pattern and make sure you follow the example picture you have.

Pumpkins Starry Night

It is also considerably easy to do. You just need to make a half-moon shaped and make some stars around it. For the moon, you can carve with a single knife while the stars you can use the built-in mold. It will make you easier to create cool pumpkin design ideas if you use the built-in mold. You can use the cake mold to create the stars sections.


Another easy yet creative ideas for the pumpkin’s design is the tombstones. It is also suitable for the Halloween party because it is always identical with scary thing. The way you make tombstones similar the way you make cat’s whiskers. You should print out the picture of tombstones before you decide which kind of tombstone you want to make.

Draco Face Pumpkin

Even though you are beginners, but I bet it is easy to make this creative cool pumpkin design ideas. The Draco face is popular during the Halloween because some kids always use this costume on the party. And you can make the carving that similar with the Draco face so it make better ambience for the Halloween party.

Happy Jack O’Lantern

This is the iconic design for the pumpkin design. There are so many creations for the jack o’lantern design that you can do, from the simple and the difficult design. As beginners, you can choose the simple step to make the cool pumpkin design ideas.

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