Designing Bachelorette Party Decorations DIY

Bachelorette Party Decorations DIY

What do you think about bachelorette party? Indeed, it is the farewell party for the bride-to-be woman. It means that in the next day, she will marry to the man. In this case, it is a common thing for people in holding this party to celebrate the last day before they will marry. For you who want to hold this party, actually you can choose many ideas of it including DIY party. Do you know about it? Yes, this party will be held with your own idea and all the things in the party is designed by yourself as well. Thus, how to design the best bachelorette party decorations DIY? For you who want to know more about it, you just check the information out in the following paragraphs.

In this case, actually there are some DIY ideas that you can choose for your bachelorette party. What are they? To begin with, there is a Barbie themed party. As the name, you can imagine how the party will go on, won’t you? Here, the Barbie theme indeed becomes such a great idea since Barbie will be identical with woman. In holding the party with this theme, it is simple. You just need to decide the dress code for all guests who are women. The best dress-code indeed the gown or the outfit which is usually worn by Barbie. For the decoration also you just put some Barbie in the place where you hold the party. Also, the food it can be designed in the same theme.

Moreover, 80’s themed bachelorette party decorations DIY can be another great idea. Here, you can design your party as old as possible depending on the year you want to show. Since it is 80’s themed party, so all the parts in the party should have the atmosphere like it is 1980s. It can be started from the dress code. You just can see how the fashion of people at that time. After that, it can be completed with the accessories from 1980s ear and do not forget about the music. You just need to play the music depicting that it is in 1980s. Indeed, this party will be unique and very attractive.

Bachelorette Party Decorations DIY

Then, there is lingerie shower theme if you want to. In this part, you can hold the party with your close friend only and enjoying your last day before you become a wife. To hold this party, what you need is that you tell your close friend to wear lingerie for your party. For the decorations, you can hang some lingerie as well. Another DIY idea you can choose is that France shower. In this theme, you just look at how people do France shower only and apply it to you bachelorette party.

In short, those are several ideas to design your bachelorette party decorations DIY. Actually holding this bridal shower does not need to spend so much money or time. With simple theme party, you can hold it very well. Thus, what are you waiting for? Just choose one of those ideas and enjoy the party.