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DIY Dinosaur Pinata For Birthday Party Decorations

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 - PARTY DECORATIONS

DIY Dinosaur Pinata For Birthday Party Decorations

DIY Dinosaur Pinata For Birthday Party Decorations

Dinosaur pinata can be a good decoration if you want to make a birthday party for the kid with dinosaur themed. I think that this is going to be a good party because the pinata can bring difference on the party. Like when you make a cowboy party, the kid might expect that you will bring him to the barn and ride the horse with his fellow friends. And when you create the dinosaur party, the kid will expect about good decorations with dinosaur everywhere. At least you do not have to bring them to the paleontology museum to see the dinosaur bones because you can make the small version of it with pinata.

Basically, pinata comes from the Mexican tradition where they start to create a statue that looks like something. It used to be made to get rid of bad evil that always ruin their farm. But on the modern era, all of those myths have brought different perspective. Now pinata is used for the decorations on such a party. So, you can use dinosaur pinata as one of the decorations on the kid’s party with dinosaur themed.

Homemade Pinata Dinosaur DIY

If you have lots of time or you want to try your creative side, you do not have to buy the dinosaur pinata. You can make your own pinata on your home. Do not be surprised if it is actually easy to make because you can find all of the materials around your home.

You can start to collect some materials you need such as glue, used newspaper, balloons, scissors, and-and some paints. That all the things you need to make do-it-yourself version of dinosaur pinata. You can start to blow up the balloons, it will be used as the body of dinosaur. And wrap it with glue and newspaper next. You can use bigger balloons just in case you want bigger pinata. After it finished, let the glue and newspaper blend perfectly until it sturdy until finally you should pop the balloons up. Now you have the main body of the pinata dinosaur.

Now you just need to shape the body of the dinosaur so it will look like real dino. Use the newspaper to create the details. Put the warm water on the bowl and sink the newspaper into it. Now you have smashed pulp, mix it with glue and start to make the body of the dinosaur pinata. Make sure you make a good shape like the dinosaur you want. And let it dry for a day before you paint all over the body. See? It is not that hard to make and all you need is determination.

Where To Buy Dinosaur Pinata

But if you have no time or do not waste your time to make DIY dinosaur pinata. You always can buy it online. Some stores put their ads on this site and you can start to search the supplies store you want. There is always be alternative to find dinosaur pinata.

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