Fun and Interesting Birthday Party Ideas for 8 Year Old Boy

Fun and interesting birthday party ideas for 8 year old boy are not so hard to be thought about. Let’s come to the most basic solution for a boy party: sport theme! Yes, sport and boys are two things that cannot be separated for years. It is socially acceptable for boys to love sport and be perceived “manly”. Sport is indeed a great idea of a birthday party for your growing child. When you want to throw a sport theme birthday party, it is suggested to be specific on which sport he likes. Is it soccer, football, basketball, running, swimming, marathon, badminton, volleyball? The type of sport he likes to play may not those that involves ball, but maybe he loves skateboarding. Anything related to sport that he likes, perhaps it can be the theme for his birthday party.

An all-boys birthday party is one of the most favorable birthday party ideas for 8 year old boy. At the age of 8, boys have slowly developed a bond of boyhood, feeling the need to set boundaries between them and the girls, because they have traits that make them want to be seen differently than girls. This is normal for boys to do so, but girls’ feeling is fragile. Therefore, to avoid any conflict between your son and his female friends at school, you may want to spread the invitation outside school. Or this would be better if you throw two parties: one for all-boys and one other for everyone to come and celebrate his born-day.

Halloween Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Halloween bash sounds like the most appropriate party to throw when your son’s birthday occurs exactly at the same time as Halloween. You don’t have to decide the dress code, because it is already decided that everyone will dress up as something or someone scary, after all, this is Halloween! This could be one of the best birthday party ideas for 8 year old boy. You boy and his friends can even play the Mummy game together, where one person will be mummify using a roll of toilet paper. Who’s the fastest? That is the winner!

Is it summer? Ouh well, summer is all about dancing and enjoying the holiday vibes. There is nothing wrong with throwing a dance party for your boy. Don’t get scared of thoughts that your kid might do something bad; you are going to be there anyway, watching the whole thing. Dance party is one of the most recommended birthday party ideas for 8 year old boy. It is very suitable for summer, although you can do it too in other season; that is no big deal. The decoration can be themed to glow in the dark supplies to lit up the party.

The last one refers to one episode in Spongebob Squarepants TV series. Do you remember that “Opposite Day” episode? Where Spongebob stops quarreling with Squidward, very unusual, because it is the opposite day! Well, take this idea and apply it to your son’s party. This would be so much fun! Which birthday party ideas for 8 year old boy that you would like to have?