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Fun Ninja Turtle Party Games Ideas For Kids

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Fun Ninja Turtle Party Games Ideas For Kids

Fun Ninja Turtle Party Games Ideas For Kids

The ninja turtle party games will make the kids so excited to come to the birthday party events. Become the host of the birthday party can be frustrating because you should prepare all of those things you need for the kids’ party. You need to plan for the food and beverages, the decorations and also the games. You can write about what kind of game that will be played at the party because it can be a good teaser for those of you who want to invite all the guests to come to the birthday party. The kids will be so excited to come because they will play the ninja turtle games that they like.

On this page, I will show you some of the games that would light up the atmosphere on the party. The kids will be so happy to play ninja turtle party games and participate with the others to win the prizes and gifts. Now, here is the list of the ninja turtle games that can be played on the birthday party.

Ninja Turtle Training Session

Here is a fun game because the kids will be trained like a ninja turtle. First of all, you should gather some of the ninja turtle videos. Once all of the kids arrive at the party, you can separate the kids in some teams. All fo the teams should follow the motions of ninja turtle on the video. And at the end, they have to make impression of all the ninja turtles as perfect as they can to win the prize.

Ninja Turtle Puzzle Game

This is an easy game that you can prepare. You just need to buy the puzzle with ninja turtle picture on that and separate the contestant into few teams. Give all the teams puzzle and the team that can finish the ninja turtle puzzle less than 30 minutes can get the prize. Even you can download the free printable ninja turtle party games puzzle on internet.

Ninja Turtles Freeze Tag

This is like the regular Freeze Tag game. The difference is on the way you play it because you should follow the motions of the ninja turtle. This game will be so excited because all of the guests can participate in this game. No wonder that you can play the game once all of the guests have arrived at the party. This is classified as active game that will make the kids full of sweet but fun.

Pin The Mask on Donatello

You need to make sure that the each contestant has his own partner. One of them will be Donatello and the other one will try to put the mask on it. For the one that will put the mask, he has to be blindfolded to make the game funnier. You can start with 5 couples and each partner that win will continue to the next stage. This is one of the ninja turtle party games that popular because it is so simple but full of fun.


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