Harry Potter Birthday Party Theme For Sweet Seventeen

Harry Potter Birthday Party Theme For Sweet Seventeen

Harry Potter birthday theme for sweet seventeen would be the best ideas if you want to have a nice birthday party theme. During this time, Harry Potter is a fiction character that become the favorite of teenage all around the world. No wonder that the theme of the Harry Potter birthday party also preferred because it has so many decorations that you can do. Honestly, almost all the teenager from around the world want to have this birthday theme for the sweet seventeen because you can dress like the other wicked. This is going to be fun for the sweet seventeen party.

This is a great opportunity for those of you who want to hold the birthday party next week or the next month. You can use the Harry Potter birthday theme ideas as the theme that you will be used. There are so many variations that you can do if you want to realize this theme because there are so many decorations that can be used. So, you do not have to be afraid about the lack of ideas because when you choose the Harry Potter birthday then you already select the right move. Here are some decorations that you can do to have this wonderful theme.

  • Harry Potter Birthday Party Cake

The cake will be a great decoration at the center of the room if you select this kind of cake. There are so many Harry Potter birthday cake that you can order. You can select the cake that resemble the castle with the Harry Potter toppers at the top of the cake.

  • Harry Potter Birthday Invitation

The invitation cards could be the crucial things if you want to use the Harry Potter birthday theme. You need to customize the design of the invitation cards so it will look like the certificate of Hogwarts. The invitations are important because it would be the best way to tell the guests about the theme that you used for the sweet seventeen.

  • Harry Potter Birthday Centerpieces

Do not forget to decorate every aspect of the room with the Harry Potter theme. Do not let the table empty without the presence of the centerpieces around there. There are some amazing Harry Potter birthday centerpieces that you can buy with the miniature of the Harry Potter or the magic wand that also can be used as the centerpieces of every table on the room.

  • Harry Potter Cosplay

As the host, you can invite all the guest that you want with the decent dress code. If you want to make this party looks like real Hogwarts then you can choose the Harry Potter cosplay as the custom of this event. Tell everyone to dress like the character they want.

  • Harry Potter Birthday Decoration Rooms

You can change all the interior of the room with the Hogwarts design or the class where the Harry and his friends join in. With all of those decorations, you can make the party look like a real Hogwarts with the Harry Potter birthday theme.

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