Lego Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

lego themed birthday party ideas decoration

Lego is one of the most favorite toys among the kids. I know it is quite expensive, but there is no better toy than Lego. It is educative, mind-blowing toy, and also it helps kid’s brain-motoric system working. So, let the kid happy with their Lego toys. The more time they spend with Lego, the smarter they will be.

And when it comes about birthday party, you can even make a Lego themed birthday party for the kids. I am sure that the kids will be so happy because their big day has come and it has unique ornaments just like their passion. So, if you want to make a Lego themed birthday party ideas and decoration then you have to prepare some of these things.

Lego Cake Birthday Party

The cake will be the highlight of the party. So, you have to order the Lego birthday party cake from the best artisan in your town. You can order it online or by a phone call. And it is okay if you want to make it by yourself, but I think it would be a good move if you let the expert make the Lego cake birthday party for the kids.

Lego Banner Party Decoration

You don’t have to fulfill the entire walls with Lego ornaments because it will drain your budget. You can order a banner that will cover the wall so you can use the budget for any other things. Make sure that it has colorful model that it will make the venue looks great. If you want to use the same theme tablecloth then you need to make a proper style so all the banners and table covers have the same tone.

Don’t Forget the Cupcakes

The kids would love to grab some finger-licking meals once they are arrived. You can make colorful cupcakes and stack it on a small plate. For more details, you can add small flags with a face of Lego man that will make the whole decorations look great. You need to give all the best things you can do for the Lego themed birthday party so the kids will love you more and more.

Lego Miniature for Souvenir

I bet the kids’ friends would love it when they come home with a new miniature by Lego. It will drain your budget, but I think that this is a good way to appreciate their presence. You can mini sized Lego man miniature that worth for about $ 4 per piece, which is not too expensive. Or you can give it as a prize on the Lego birthday party game that played during the party.

Printable Lego Workbook

Don’t forget about the small invitation or workbook during the party. There are a lot of free printable Lego workbooks you can choose. It will make the Lego themed birthday party thicker and the kids will love it. That’s several items you need if you want to make the Lego themed birthday party for the birthday boy.