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Lovely Birthday Party Ideas Away From Home

Thursday, October 20th, 2016 - PARTY PLACES

Lovely Birthday Party Ideas Away From Home

Throwing the birthday party away from home at a good venue can be fun and doesn’t have to cost a lot.  Here are birthday party ideas away from home and birthday party places to have a special birthday party. Maybe you will find these places weird to celebrate your birthday, but it’s a good idea to choose one of birthday party ideas away from home because you will do some anti-mainstream activity that will make a great memory for your birthday.

7 Birthday Party Ideas Away From Home for Lovely Birthday

  1. Animal party. For animal lovers, you can check with your nearest animal shelter to see if they allow you to come help in the facility. You can celebrate your birthday by walk, feed and groom cats and dogs. The shelter’s officer will also give tours and explain you and your guest about the shelter.
  2. Arts party. For arts and crafts lovers, there are many arts and crafts places or stores that will set up everything you need for a craft project. Making necklaces or picture frames with the one you love will be a good moment to remember. Don’t forget to clean up too!
  3. Baseball Game party. Do you know that many major and also minor league baseball teams offer special packages for birthday parties?You can create great memories by enjoying the birthday in the ballpark or maybe you can play baseball with your guests too! Go check your local team for prices and packages and any other information.
  4. Dance or Ballet Studio party. Besides baseball teams, there are some dance or ballet studio that offers their studio for a place for your birthday. This idea is one of a unique birthday party ideas away from home. Because the great thing about renting their studio is they will also teach you to dance. Such a great experience, huh?
  5. Fruit picking party. Take your guests out to pick fruits such as strawberries, peaches, apples, pumpkins or blueberries. Because you will go to the farms in countryside, you will enjoy the fresh air while picking those fruits. You can let your guests to take home what they pick, or maybe bring it back to the house and follow the recipe to make a pie with the fruits that they picked and eat it with delicious ice cream!
  6. Bowling party. Bowling is still fun until now and bowling arena which has lots of fantastic lights and music always make the vibe become exciting for your guests. Some bowling arena has glow in the dark bowling where they turn off the lights and then the pins and balls glow. You can enjoy the bowling game and make a bet!
  7. Spa birthday party. This place is recommended for girl’s birthday party because every girl loves to spend their day at the spa, right? Your birthday will be relaxed, happy, and pretty. The staff will give you special packages and treatment for your birthday. The spa is one of the best birthday party ideas away from home.

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