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Nightmare before Christmas Party Supplies

Sunday, November 29th, 2015 - PARTY IDEAS

Nightmare before Christmas Party Supplies

nightmare before christmas party game ideas

Nightmare before Christmas Party Supplies

Nightmare before Christmas party is spooky-themed party hold on Christmas Day. This kind of Christmas I daresay as a combination between Halloween and Christmas. The party is unlike the conservative kind if the party and is less emphasized for family party. This kind of party may sound unfamiliar but if you want to throw an anti-mainstream party, you can try to organize this kind of party. Below are some Nightmare before Christmas Party supplies you need in planning the party.

  1. Spooky-Decorated Pine Tree

Pine tree is always associated with Christmas. The usual tree usually is adorned with colorful light and gold star and balls. However, in keeping with Nightmare before Christmas party theme, you will have to decorate the tree with some spooky things instead. You can add a metal skeleton bell around the tree and adorned some silver ribbon and black and white accessories to add the atmosphere of a dark Christmas party. You can also hang some notes in black and white papers containing your Christmas’s wishes. You can also decorate the tree with immense red light and instead of putting star, put a skeleton-shaped accessories at the top of the tree.

  1. Surprise Wrapped in Spooky Wrapper

If the normal Christmas party usually use colorful, and most of the time red and green color, the case is different with this Nightmare before Christmas party supplies is different. You can use some gothic or emo-themed wrapper that is usually available in gothic store. The gift is wrapped in those wrappers and be put in the foot of the pine tree. To avoid monotone color, you can choose colors ranging from black, white, purple, blood-red and silver. You can also choose spooky patterns like skeleton or bones patterns. These patterns will accentuate the dark theme of the party.

  1. Spooky-Themed Food

This is probably the most interesting part among Nightmare before Christmas party supplies. In some online stores on internet, there is a trend of spooky-themed cakes and cookies with dominant black and white colors. If you want to buy them, you can order them online or you can find a spooky template and give them to the baker to make cake or cookies in that theme. Unlike normal Christmas cake that is not far from red and green colors, some cakes are dominated with smiling skeletons and gray cream, which is very interesting. If you master the art of pastry or bakery, you can make your own cake and cookies and determine by yourself what they must look like according to your taste.

Nightmare before Christmas party sure is a very exciting and unique idea to celebrate Christmas. However, you should also consider your family if yours is the conservative type who prefers to preserve the old and original kind of party. This kind of party is more preferable for young people or for a celebration with friends instead of with family. Do not wait too long to propose your unique Christmas party now. Invite your friends for additional advice and crazier ideas of Christmas party.

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