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How to Throw an Awesome Birthday Party Ideas Basketball for your Kids

Monday, September 26th, 2016 - PARTY IDEAS

How to Throw an Awesome Birthday Party Ideas Basketball for your Kids

Birthday party ideas basketball is the perfect gift for your children who love playing the sport. The sport basketball is identic with orange; therefore, this color will be the main color of the whole party. It does not mean that everything is going to be painted in orange, but it will be mixed with relevant colors. When you plan to throw a birthday party with basketball theme, there are some things that you need to think about thoroughly. Those things are the decoration for the tables, the activities to kill time, dress code, invitation cards and awesome basketball themed cake and drinks.

So, the first one is the table decoration. If the decoration on the table is plain and boring, the party will not be great and many guests will be bored to death. To keep the spirit up, decorate the table with anything related to basketball. One of the birthday party ideas basketball is to serve the food using basketball plate and flashy basketball table cloth. Moreover, the balloons that will decorate the table need to be flashy as well. Finish with the table, now move on to the next essential that is ideas for games and activities.

A party is not officially a party without fun games to make the guests laugh happily. Preparing fun games can indeed be a burden for parents, afraid that the games are not as fun as you thought it would be. Don’t worry; here are some ideas of birthday party ideas basketball games that you can use:

  • Musical Dribble

Usually this is done without dribbling basketball, but just dancing along with the music and when the music stops, you need to sit on chairs at the middle of the game floor. Whoever left behind, lose. Because of the basketball theme, you can spice it up with something. Each person has to dribble the ball for three times, and then pass the ball to the next person. Whoever holds the ball once the music stops, loses. The winner will be the one that is left alone at the end of the game. This is a great game for your birthday party ideas basketball.

  • Shoot the Ball

Place some baskets in certain area that you prefer. Each kid will be challenged to shoot the ball and score points based on how many times the balls get in to the baskets. This one is a very basketball kind of game, because it is involving ball-shooting. It is guaranteed that your child and his or her friends will love it.

Lastly, don’t you forget about the invitation cards! The invitation card is the first thing that you can use to tell your children’s friends about the theme that will be used for the party. Decorate the cards with anything related to the sport, such as a small little whistle, a picture of your son’s last basketball game maybe? The more creative you get with the design, the better the result will come out. As parents, it is an obligation to give your son the best  birthday party ideas basketball.

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