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Top 5 Unusual Halloween Costumes For Kids

Thursday, October 26th, 2017 - PARTY IDEAS

Top 5 Unusual Halloween Costumes For Kids

Top 5 Unusual Halloween Costumes For Kids

When it comes to choosing a costume for a child or the child choosing for themselves for Halloween or any fancy dress party we are really spoiled for choice with the amount of amazing sometimes crazy costumes we can buy in our shops or online.

With so much to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming and great patience is needed when coming to the time of choosing a costume for children, whether you want a funny costume, cute, scary, evil, action, unique there are styles for all children from babies up to teens and here I have compiled a top 5 (you can check out the “Top 5 Unusual costumes for Adults” here at Street Articles) of some costumes not many parents will think about and hopefully be inspired.

Top 5 Unusual Halloween Costumes For Kids


Top 5 Unusual Child Costumes


Calibos? Calibos is also known as Acrisius, son of the Greek god Thetis, who was transformed in to a hideous monster by the God Zeus. Calibos has been seen in the hit movies “Clash of the Titans 1981 and 2010” and the costume for kids, boys or girls is an excellent scary fearsome horrible monster with a torn tunic, scarred body piece and an amazing (yet frightening) mask. A real Halloween costume and very unique.


Though Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian Queen can be a popular costume chosen by adults, not many parents know of the amazing stunning costumes that are available for young girls and teens. These costumes are extremely striking, high above princess and beautifully made. There are many different styles but just a handful of absolute gems that any young girl would never want to part from.


Sarge the Green Army Man general from the hit movies Toy Story is a very popular character, and the child’s costume available for this leader is just outrageous and unique looking. Suiting both girls and boys, it is an all green jumpsuit, green boot covers, green hood, green gloves, green helmet and add in some green paint and you get the picture why this is an unusual crazy costume and child will love to run around in, a true fancy dress costume taking from a list of unusual costumes.

Queen Of Hearts

Alice in Wonderlands costume is one of the most popular costumes for girls of all time, which means she is everywhere in many different styles. But one character from the hit book and movie who’s costume I believe myself is more stunning is The Queen Of Hearts. The Queen herself is a nutty Character and the costumes available for young girls up to teens are just unreal and stunning, yet still having that Queens crazy edge to it.

Creature from The Black Lagoon

This is a real Halloween and fancy dress costume. From the hit 1954 film this is a pure Hollywood monster, and the costume is just as scary. This movie is to be remade in 2013 so the costume will become popular, but for now it is a hidden gem and would suit both girls and boys looking for the unusual different Halloween monster costume. It is an all in one jumpsuit with webbed feet and hands and a hideous grotesque mask with teeth, great stuff.

There you have my top 5 unusual costumes for children that was taken from a top 20 list of costumes for kids and hopefully will help some people be inspired and easier to make a decision for a costume whether it is for Halloween or for any fancy dress party. If you have any comments or a costume that is a favorite of yours leave in the box below, thank you.


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